Google TV will help you choose your movie or series of the evening without opening all your applications

A new section is arriving on Google TV. This offers a selection of content likely to appeal to the user, without the user needing to open any streaming service. Practical to avoid spending hours choosing what to watch.

Credit: Google

Having a subscription to multiple streaming services is both a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, this allows you to have access to a phenomenal amount of content, enough to last the rest of your life. On the other hand, it quickly becomes a real hell to choose what to watch in the face of this multitude of choices — what some commonly call the Netflix syndrome, or how we spend more time choosing our film than watching it.

It appears that Google TV is working on a solution to this thorny problem. American users are starting to see a new section appear on the operating system’s home page. Several buttons, arranged online, now provide quick access to a selection of content likely to please you.

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You do not know what to watch ? Google TV will help you

These buttons are Read next, Free direct, Most purchased films, Popular films and series And Trending on Google. Each links to a selection linked to the theme, thus allowing you to have a complete vision of the audiovisual trends of the moment. It’s, in a way, a summary of all the most popular content on streaming platforms in one place.

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For the moment, however, it appears that this feature is reserved for American users. As Android Authority explains, the deployment isn’t even complete in the United States yet. It is therefore likely that Google will first test this new function locally before evaluating the possibility of deployment worldwide. We will of course keep you informed when this happens.

Source: Android Authority

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