Google unveils its new features for the end of 2022: redesign of the Google Home app and Nest WiFi Pro

Johan Gautreau

Connected objects expert

October 04, 2022 at 3:00 p.m.


Nest WiFi Pro © Google


The Mountain View company has just announced some new hardware and software. Its objective: an ever stronger interconnection between the connected objects of the home.

To achieve this, Google has completely revamped its Google Home app. The American brand is also counting on the promising Matter protocol to power its new Nest WiFi Pro router.

A welcome facelift for the Google Home app

Here’s probably the biggest change to take away from the Google conference. While it had not undergone major changes for several years, the Google Home application will be entitled to a major overhaul.

The first noticeable improvement takes place as soon as you open Google Home. The main menu will now have a “Favorites” section. This will not only bring together your favorite connected objects, but also your favorite automation scenarios.

Better still, the owners of connected cameras will be able to see from the Favorites the live display of their protection system. The history will also be accessible with a simple tap, in the form of a timeline with various applicable filters.

The second big novelty of Google Home is called “Spaces”. This feature allows you to create fully customizable groups. Just like the Favorites menu, these Spaces can contain all kinds of interactions and IoT devices. For example, we can imagine a space devoted to your animal which brings together access to the indoor camera, routines for the kibble dispenser, etc.

Always in the spirit of further automation, Google Home will benefit from an overhaul of its menu dedicated to scenarios. On occasion, the firm will create more routines than previously. Hacking enthusiasts will even have the opportunity from 2023 to take advantage of the services of a script editor.

Finally, the G of GAFAM announced that the Google Home interface will be available on a web browser, as well as on connected watches equipped with the WearOS system (like the famous Pixel Watch). A way for Google to improve its positioning in the consumer home automation market. The icing on the cake, support for the Matter protocol will also soon be available on Android smartphones in order to simplify the management of compatible connected objects.

The new version of the Google Home application (compatible Android, iOS and web) will first be accessible in a program of preview public, before being broadcast more widely at the end of the year on all the platforms concerned.

Nest WiFi Pro: the Google router to connect your whole house

In addition to the major overhaul of Google Home, the American giant also unveiled its new Nest Wi-Fi Pro router. Composed of 60% recycled materials, this device brings as its main novelty the support of the 6 GHz band, in addition to the classic 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz.

Along with speeds of up to 4.2Gbps, the Nest Pro 6E router aims for wide coverage of 120m2. Information that must obviously be taken with tweezers, Google announcing here measures in an optimal environment.

The good news is that the small Google Nest WiFi Pro router is compatible with the Matter and Thread protocols. It should therefore be easily integrated into a home automation system using the same standards.

On the price side, it takes 219.99 euros for a router alone. A pack of two Nest Wi-Fi Pro 6E will cost you 329.99 euros, a saving of 110 euros. The official launch will take place from October 27, 2022.

Source: Google conference

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