Google Wallet wants to take control of your entire wallet

Google announces a new Google Wallet feature. Its application will soon be able to record all the text cards that fill our pockets.

Google Wallet

Google Wallet is Google’s virtual wallet which, during its 2024 developers conference, is adding a new function.

We told you a few days ago, this application will soon only work on smartphones with at least Android 9.

The reason is a growing need for security which requires cleaning up old versions of the system. And this decision allows Google to continue to innovate to make Wallet as essential as its wallet, or even eventually replace it.

Currently, you can add credit cards (for eligible banks), transport tickets, gift cards or loyalty cards and that’s it. Your sports club card? No. Your concert ticket tonight? Neither.

All text cards supported

Also, Google is adding a general line in Google Wallet, which allows it to integrate any card on which only text appears. This is valid for a sports club card, a library card, concert tickets or even a car insurance card, in short, all the additional cards that fill pockets and bags.

This function which makes Google Wallet comprehensive will soon be available, but only in the United States at first. The problem with Google is that this type of function can take a very long time to cross the Atlantic.

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