Google will finally add this essential system tool to any mobile device

Android 14 could finally integrate a battery health check tool. If this essential tool has been available for a few years on iOS, it is still lacking in the Google OS.

Credit: 123rf

According to Mishaal Rahman, Google has decided to implement a feature of battery health check (Battery Health Checker) in Android 14. This allows users to check the maximum battery capacity of their Android 14 device and see if it is running at maximum capacity. A very useful system tool offered for a very long time on iOS.

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The American journalist posted a message on Twitter to announce the good news: “I recently bought a used Pixel 7 Pro and I thought it was a shame that there was no battery health feature. It would be nice to see the number of charge cycles elapsed or an estimate of the percentage of its original capacity. Apparently Google is going to make this possible in Android 14! “. He actually discovered a application named Batt in the beta source code of the mobile OS.

Android 14 will integrate a battery health check tool

Google would have already started to put API available to developers using the beta version of Android. The render shared on Twitter shows a summary of the battery’s health status (with the percentage of its original capacity), the exact number of charge cyclesthe current battery charging policy, as well as the Date of manufacture of the latter.

The battery health check feature should be available at the same time as Android 14. Will it be implemented natively in the OS or does Google simply make the corresponding APIs available to third-party application developers? No one knows yet, but we could find out as soon as August 2023, when the company will probably start rolling out the public version of Android 14, first to Pixel smartphones, then to all compatible devices from the ecosystem.

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