Google will warn you that it is difficult to contact the Illuminati

Google has announced a series of new features. One of them indicates that there are not really relevant results for a query.

There are existential questions in life — and most of the time, we turn to Google for an answer. But, in the case of queries such as ” How to Contact the Illuminati », there are not really good answers. And, that’s exactly what Google’s new update will highlight.

The search engine announced in a post on its blog on August 11, 2022 that it would henceforth provide details on the nature of the results when these are doubtful. The update also aims to combat misinformation.

A feature for nonsensical questions and fake news

Finally, a real question. // Source: Google

The new feature allows Google to display a warning message at the top of the results page. It will show up when Google’s systems don’t ” do not trust the quality of results for a query “, is it indicated on the blog. The warning message will bring ” context to the displayed results, while allowing access to them. The message will not target a specific page.

The message will state that it ” there doesn’t seem to be very relevant results for this query “, and ” the results below correspond to your search, but some may not have reliable information on this subject “.

Google indicates that this message may be used to combat ” empty of information », a phenomenon exacerbated by fake news. ” Sometimes events move faster than fact checks, and there is still not enough reliable information online on a particular topic. “, says the search engine. It is these “information void” situations that Google wants to combat with these warning messages.

Google is changing the way it searches. // Source: Trevor Dsouza / The Noun Project

The example taken by Google, the search for information on the Illuminati, can give rise to laughter, and it underlines the absurdity of the request. But, in the case of a serious event unfolding, the situation is more chaotic – and it is precisely in these situations that fake news spreads the fastest.

In cases where the information changes very frequently, Google will indicate “ that it would be better to come back to check the reliability of the information later, when more sources are available “. For example, when the Illuminati will finally update their contact page.

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