Google’s Gemini AI arrives in France, here’s how it will transform your daily life

Google announces the deployment of its Gemini application for Android and iOS in France and in several European countries. This application, powered by artificial intelligence, promises to improve users’ creativity and productivity through a range of voice and visual features.

gemini france application

Presented under the name Project Astra during the Google I/O conference on May 14, Google’s Gemini app integrates artificial intelligence to offer powerful and versatile tools. This AI is designed to boost user creativity and productivity by using smartphone camera to provide a real-time help. Similar to ChatGPT-4 and its vision mode, it allows new interactions thanks to instant image analysis.

As of today, the Gemini application is being deployed in France and several other European countries. Users can download it from the Play Store or activate it via a card appearing when activating the Google Assistant. On iOS, Gemini will be accessible in the Google app in the coming weeks.

Gemini app wants to become your favorite assistant

Gemini integrates many features Google Assistant features, like setting timers, making calls, and saving reminders. In addition, it offers a Contextual help directly on your screen which is accessible by voice commands or simple gestures. This application goes beyond traditional assistants, as it allows users to request help in writing, orally or via images. For example, taking a photo of a flat tire and getting instructions on how to change it becomes child’s play. And for those with a sweet tooth, all it takes is a snapshot of a dish to immediately obtain the detailed recipe.

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Google plans to further enhance Gemini with extensions for Google Calendar, Keep, Tasks and utilities like Android’s Clock app. The recent integration of YouTube Music and upcoming features, like Gemini Live, promise to make the application even more useful and integrated into users’ daily lives. By expanding its linguistic support to many languages, including French, the company wants to ensure that Gemini is accessible to as many people as possible.

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