Google’s “Music, Makers & Machines” Online Exhibition Unveils Electronic Music Culture

Vincent Touveneau


January 11, 2022 at 2:55 pm



From telharmonium to samples of hip-hop, Google Arts brings together more than a century of electronic music in a virtual exhibition. The well-named Music, Makers & Machines
is a virtual exhibition that you can visit to quench your thirst for waves and learn more about the history of your favorite titles.

It’s also an opportunity to tweak a Memorymoog with a 3D simulation without having to buy it at a high price or borrow it from an old DJ friend.

From concrete music to electro: past and future

We learn it by visiting the site sponsored by Google Arts: the term electronic music has existed for well over a century, when the American inventor Thaddeus Cahill filed the first patent for his telharmonium, a beautiful 200-ton baby that considered to be the forerunner of modern synthesizers. Other inventions will follow, such as the theatrical, at the origins of the radio and the jukebox.

Innovations continued in the course of the 20th century with concrete music and the proliferation of wave oscillating instruments, such as the Memorymoog. However, it was at the turn of the 1980s that artists began to experiment with samples and create the music that we still listen to today. If you want to compose a few rhythms and melodies on machines as iconic as Roland’s TR-909 or the Fairlight CMI (a sampler that cost $ 20,000 when it was released), the exhibition gives you the opportunity with smooth animations.

The virtual exhibition is a wealth of information on club culture from different countries and eras, such as the early hours of Berlin techno or the house of Detroit. With dozens of articles and testimonials, there is plenty to satisfy his nostalgia for a not-so-distant time when clubs were open and people could dance there.

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