Gosens will never forget Corona: "corpse removal burned into the brain"

Gosens will never forget Corona
"Corpses removal burned into the brain"

Robin Gosens experienced a year of ups and downs. He celebrates successes in the Champions League with Atalanta Bergamo and makes his debut for the national team. But the first corona wave in the epicenter of Italy will change him forever: convoys of corpses "are things that get stuck," he says.

National soccer player Robin Gosens is hoping for an end to his career in his homeland on the Lower Rhine. "I would like to play in a team again later with the boys I have known since childhood. That would certainly be the crowning glory in a few years," said the 26-year-old professional footballer from the Italian first division club Atalanta Bergamo of the "Rheinische Post" .

After his active career, the Emmericher, who once played in Bocholt and Rhede, would like to work as a sports psychologist, but not in the football business. "I love football, but the football business has not been mine from the start. There are many aspects of this business that I cannot identify with," he said.

He had some problems with that from the start. "It's mainly about humanity, about empathy. I often have the feeling that we players are not seen as people, but as objects with a price tag."

Gosens looks back on a year with highs such as the successes in the Champions League and his national team debut, but also lows. He will never forget the situation in the Corona hotspot Bergamo, the images have "burned themselves deep in the brain," he said. "For example, when I think of the truck convoys that removed corpses in Bergamo in March. We were an epicenter of the Corona crisis at the time. Those are things that stick. That's why I have a very ambivalent relationship with Year 2020. "

The 26-year-old, who earned his nomination for the DFB team through top performances at his club Atalanta Bergamo, celebrated a committed debut in the national team dress in September in a 1-1 draw against Spain, even if he was partly responsible for the goal. Since then, Gosens has been a permanent part of Jogi Löw's team and has legitimate hopes for a place in the squad for the 2021 European Championship.