Got under a forklift – workers in Tyrol trapped under metal plates

Serious accident at work on Monday morning in Gries am Brenner in Tyrol: When his work colleague tried to put down heavy metal plates with a forklift, a young man fell under them and injured his head and upper body.

At around 11:15 a.m., two Romanians (33 and 24 years old) were busy shifting heavy metal plates on a company premises. The 33-year-old moved the panels with the forklift, while his younger colleague positioned the wooden supports. The forklift driver overlooked him and began to lower the metal plates, although the 24-year-old was still underneath. Colleague provided first aidThe Romanian was pushed to the ground by the plates. When his work colleague heard a scream, he immediately drove the fork back up and parked the forklift. He then set the rescue chain in motion and gave his colleague first aid. He sustained injuries to his head, chest and shoulders. The emergency doctor took care of him on the spot, then the rescue brought the injured person to the Innsbruck clinic. According to the police, the injured person and his work colleague were not wearing a helmet or safety vests at the time of the accident.
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