Gotham Knights: Each character will have their point of view on the story

From the beginning we know that one of the main axes of Gotham Knights, will be the possibility of playing several characters. With the absence of Batman, any a small team has come together to fight crime in Gotham in its place. The information that comes on top of this is that each character will bring their own version of each mission offered.

Thus, if each one offers a frame of events of its own, each point of view will bring its share of information to better understand the unfolding of the story as a whole. Ultimately, you will have to complete each mission with all the characters in order to have the whole picture and to benefit from the whole screenplay offered by Gotham Knights.

We will therefore be able to alternate between the points of view of the following characters for each mission: Dick Grayson aka Nightwingthe first Robin who decided to change his secret identity to break away from the figure of Batman and pursue his own career as a crime fighter.

Jason Todd aka Red Hood, the second Robin, dead, then resurrected. He’s a character who has crossed Batman’s non-lethal boundary one way or the other on several occasions and has gone against his mentor several times. He now seems back on track to ensure the legacy of the bat man.

Tim Drakethe third and current Robinwhich stands out for its analytical skills and its spirit of deduction and places it more in line with the detective than its two predecessors more focused on combat or acrobatics.

Finally, Barbara Gordonthe daughter of Commissioner Gordon, but above all the alias of Batgirlwhose combat abilities have proven themselves as well as his mastery of technological tools during his time under the alias of Oracle.

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