Gotham Knights: exclusive next-gen release, edition details and 13 minutes of gameplay with Nightwing and Red Hood broadcast

Yes Warner Bros. Games had given us earlier this year the release date of Gotham Knightsthe project from his Montreal studio hadn’t reappeared since last fall, and it wasn’t even with gameplay. So when we learned last night that news would be given today, there was something to be curious about. Without surprise, Nightwing and Red Hood are well on the agenda, with finally a new preview of gameplay. This is also the first time that we have seen them in action, since the previous and only video of its kind was devoted to Batgirl.

The director of Gotham Knights Geoff Ellenor thus teaches us during these 13 minutes of gameplay taking place in the middle of the adventure that each of the four playable characters will have different ways to move. Nightwing will therefore be able to take off with his glider, the flying trapezeand we find him as he confronts the gang of Regulators, for very acrobatic clashes. And since the game is playable cooperatively, Red Hood joins him, he who fights with two firearms simultaneously, in addition to being able to jump even in the void thanks to its Mystical Leap !

The following sequence follows Red Hood leading the bat-motorcycle, with all characters having access to it, then using a grappling hook to access the heights. The HQ is then shown to us, the famous Belfrywith a cutscene, as well as the interface used to equip our characters, with a side RPG well present and various equipment influencing the statistics, but also mods. Fast moves are made thanks to the FastBat. The investigation around the Court of Owls then continues with a muscular mission to the Powers Club resulting in a confrontation face strongly resembling theErgot.

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Finally, it is a pleasant surprise announced by the publisher, at least with regard to the ambitions of the game, namely that Gotham Knights will ultimately only be released on PS5, Xbox Series X|S and PC (Steam, Epic Games Store) on October 25. The PS4 and Xbox One are therefore discontinued. The game is now available for pre-order at the steep price of €74.99 for its standard edition and for no less than €94.99 for the Deluxe. The latter will include the Visionary Pack giving access to “exclusive equipment, cosmetic elements, character skins inspired by the animated series Batman la Relève and more”. Finally, a big collector’s item costing €299 will include all of the following:

Gotham Knights Collector’s Edition :

  • Gotham Knights Deluxe Edition;
  • Collectible pins with augmented reality;
  • 16-page media book;
  • Exclusive map of Gotham;
  • Figurine of the four figures;
  • Collector’s box.

Gotham Knights collector 10 05 2022

For any pre-order, you will receive the skin of the Bat-motorcycle Kustom “233” at launch, based on its appearance in Detective Comics #233. A short video has been shared to showcase its rendering in-game.

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