GOTT by Ferdinand von Schirach: How many people voted online and by phone

On Monday evening, 3.88 million people saw Ferdinand von Schirach's "GOTT", who raised the great question of euthanasia.

The ARD theme evening on the difficult subject of euthanasia was well received by the audience on Monday evening in the first. 546,000 viewers took part in the vote for the film "GOTT von Ferdinand von Schirach". With a clear tendency towards the moral question: online and by phone, 70.8 percent of them decided that the main character in the film should die.

In the TV film based on a play by Ferdinand von Schirach, a fictional ethics council debated the wish to die of the completely healthy 78-year-old Richard Gärtner (Matthias Habich, 80), who no longer wanted to live after the death of his wife. 3.88 million viewers saw the star-studded film with Lars Eidinger (44), Anna Maria Mühe (35) and Ulrich Matthes (61). The topic was then discussed on the talk show "tough but fair". The round moderated by Frank Plasberg (63) saw a total of 3.34 million viewers.

In 2016, the ARD caused a sensation with a similar television project: "Terror – Your Judgment" was about the moral question of whether a passenger plane with 164 people can be sacrificed to save 70,000 people in a football stadium. Here, too, the audience had a clear opinion: a full 90 percent voted that the shooter who shot down the plane was innocent.