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Government election St. Gallen: Second round – News – SRF

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The second round of voting for the two open government seats is taking place in the canton of St. Gallen.

Two of the seven seats in the St. Gallen government are still vacant. The five previous members were easily re-elected in the first round of voting on March 3rd. Behind that, it’s still about filling the vacant SVP and SP seats.

Five official candidacies in the second round

Both parties want to defend their seats. The SVP, on the other hand, as the party with the largest number of voters in the canton, wants more, namely to conquer the SP seat and win both seats. The party is sending cantonal councilor Christof Hartmann and the doctor Dana Zemp into the race; the SP candidate is parliamentary group leader Bettina Surber. In addition, the non-party members Sarah Bösch and Alfred Tobler are also running in the second round.

In the first round of voting, the two SVP candidacies came out on top. With over 58,000 votes each, Zemp and Hartmann were around 10,000 votes ahead of Surber. Bösch received almost 40,000 votes in the first round, Tobler around 17,500. The remaining candidacies from the Greens (Daniel Bosshard), the GLP (Sarah Noger-Engeler) and Aufrecht (Patrick Jetzer) were withdrawn.

Everything about the elections in the canton of St. Gallen

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Elections St. Gallen


On March 3rd, St. Gallen voters will elect their representatives in the government and cantonal council. Here you will find an overview Backgrounds and assessments.

Regional Journal Eastern Switzerland, April 14, 2024, 5:30 p.m.;

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