Government: Secretary of State Nathalie Elimas about to leave?

According to Europe 1, an administrative investigation has been opened by the Ministry of National Education. Nathalie Elimas is accused by members of her teams of harassment and abuse.

In the government, no one would be aware of these facts. An internal preliminary report was submitted to Jean Castex who hastened to summon the Secretary of State in charge of Priority Education. A source told Europe 1 that “the conclusions are terrible” for Nathalie Élimas.

During this exchange, the Prime Minister mentioned the departure of the government of the Secretary of State, but the latter refused. Jean Castex also wanted to have an explanation of these accusations. Nathalie Elimas remained on her version of the facts.

Jean Castex then passed the file to Jean-Michel Blanquer who also spoke with the Secretary of State. Again, his departure was discussed. Again, Nathalie Elimas expressed her refusal.

For the moment, Nathalie Elimas remains in the government. For an adviser, it would have been complicated to get the Secretary of State to leave. “It is impossible to make a minister resign against his will, we should have organized a reshuffle,” he explained to Europe 1.

For the time being, the question of a reshuffle of the government is not topical for the President of the Republic.

Nathalie Elimas, unofficially set aside?

According to Europe 1, the Secretary of State has been hospitalized since Wednesday February 16. Despite his absence, the Secretary of State continues to work on current and future files. Several ministers have reported to our colleagues that a specific instruction has been communicated within the government: “We must not ask Elimas for anything more.”

However, Nathalie Elimas told Europe 1 that she was still in labor and refuted the charges against her. She nevertheless specified that she had taken “a few days of vacation next week”.

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