Gran Turismo 7: a special update for 25 years and a teased Ferrari Vision Gran Turismo

The next few days are going to be interesting for players of Gran Turismo 7. Already, because later this week the title will host its traditional monthly content update, bringing 3 new cars that producer Kazunori Yamauchi still has teased with shadows.

According to car aficionados, and more particularly those of GT Planetit could be of the Ford Sierra RS Cosworth (in classic version or RS500), Nissan Silvia S14 and BMW M2 F87 (in standard version or Competition). It will also be an “anniversary” patch to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the series (started on December 23, 1997 in Japan), but for the moment, we do not know what this update will be so special.

Otherwise, probably after the release of the patch, Polyphony Digital plans to make an announcement on the sidelines of the World Finals of the GT World Series 2022 in Monaco this weekend. He has in fact teased the revelation of a Ferrari Vision Gran Turismo, which will therefore be a virtual vehicle designed in partnership with the legendary Italian manufacturer. This should make people talk beyond the video game sphere.

For latecomers, Gran Turismo 7 is available from €34.99 on

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