Granblue Fantasy: Relink is back in trailer

On track to be the prettiest transposition of the graphic style anime from Tales of Arise, Granblue Fantasy: Relink remains announced for a wave of 2023, but the end of the tunnel is indeed in sight, promises producer Tetsuya Fukuhara, so that the development team of Cygames Osaka, for which this is the first game for consoles and PC, is at the stage of final adjustments. Always focused on the action, the video presents in particular one of the antagonists of the story (General Id, voiced by the very recognizable Kenjiro Tsuda) but also some additional playable allies (Charlotta, Yodarha and Narmaya) some of whom had already done the big jump on living room platforms in the fighting game Granblue Fantasy: Versus. For the rest, the game continues to attract attention thanks to its neat characters and its universe of fantasy classic but still as bright, a universe that Cygames has been cultivating since the launch of the mobile game of the same name almost 9 years ago.

Great assistance to person in danger

We also wonder if the modes Assist and even Full Assist are here to address the fear of leaving casual mobile gamers out the door. Cygames has therefore communicated on these modes designed not to put off players who are not very keen on action games and who do not want to miss the adventures of their favorite characters. The mode Assist therefore proposes to execute chains by means of a single button, in addition to an automation of the care, the guard and the rush. In addition, the special techniques (Skybound Arts, skills, Link Attacks) will engage just as automatically when available and map navigation will also be assisted. That’s quite a few crutches already, but Cygames has gone so far as to include a mode Full Assist which literally amounts to performing all combat actions automatically by just moving the stick.

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