Granblue Fantasy Versus: Rising, a sharp gameplay trailer for Siegfried and an update on the beta

Last week it was Granblue Fantasy: Relink who was honored at the Playstation Showcasewith the announcement of Zeta And Vaseraga as playable characters, in addition to a refined release period. This time, it is the other project of the license expected this year which is talking about him again, Granblue Fantasy Versus: Rising. After its trailer released during theEVO Japan 2023who revealed Siegfried and promised us an open beta in May, the plans for Cygames have changed a bit. Indeed, stability issues were discovered and the game team decided to repel the latter. Well, we have news from this trial period and A trailer of gameplay for the royal knight of Feendrache has been diffused.

The dragon slayer exposes here his very sharp offensives with the sword against the different members of the rostereven Anilah, the other new character of this sequel already made official. In addition, the creative director of the game Tetsuya Fukuhara has share a message mainly concerning the beta, while giving an update on the next announcements.

Update on the online beta release schedule

Attention skyfarers! Our team has resolved numerous stability issues that forced us to delay the Granblue Fantasy Versus: Rising Online Beta. We are now preparing to launch the beta client.

The new release date is scheduled for mid-July. We realize this is nearly two months later than originally planned, and you have our sincere apologies. As for the release of the game itself, we are still on track to achieve our original goal. Concrete dates will be announced after the end of beta testing.

Finally, as promised in the new Siegfried trailer released today, the third addition to the Granblue Fantasy: Versus Rising roster will be revealed in early July. This announcement will be followed by a series of others detailing new mechanics, game modes, and more. Be sure to stay tuned!

Tetsuya Fukuhara, creative director

Communication around the project will therefore pick up again and we will discover another fighter at the beginning of July, the publisher having not yet specified how many newcomers are planned in addition to the 24 characters of GBVS first of the name. Finally, THE official site has been updated, detailing the new mechanics of gameplay added to this episode. Do not hesitate to take a look at it.

If you don’t want to wait and Granblue Fantasy Versus catches your eye, its standard edition is sold €19.90 on Amazon.

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