Granblue Fantasy: Versus Rising unveils gameplay for Siegfried

Indeed, Siegfried has the Manigance technique, which allows him to sacrifice HP in exchange for a power buff. That’s the magic sauce that adds spice to its good claymore, good knight gameplay. His long sword allows him to play at mid-range and control the neutral : his opponent will quickly eat 10 kilos of sharpened metal at the first mistake made. Siegfried can also cancel his special moves from quite a distance. From the trailer, he appears to possess a rekaa multi-branching combo, as well as a good old fireball that skims the ground to smack the ankles.

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At the same time, Arc System Works would like to apologize: the beta test scheduled for May has been pushed back to mid-July. THE my culpa does not confirm whether Siegfried and Anila, another new character, will be playable there. This will be above all an opportunity to test the rollback brand new, the main selling point of Granblue Fantasy: Versus Rising for ethernet tataners.

Early July will also see another trailer for a new playable fighter, or rather, a fighter, whose identity is still secret.

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