Grandma’s insider tip: That’s why you should never throw away egg water

Particularly nutritious
That’s why you shouldn’t just throw away egg water

For many, eggs are an important part of a successful start to the day.


Whether hard-boiled or with a waxy core – eggs are particularly popular as a breakfast dish. The water in which the eggs were boiled can also fulfill a very practical function.

A cup of coffee or tea, a croissant or a roll and a boiled egg – the day starts so perfectly for many. The best thing about it: Breakfast with eggs not only tastes good, but is also very nutritious. Many of us throw away the egg water after cooking, but that’s a shame – because this water can be a real miracle cure.

Particularly rich in nutrients – egg water is particularly suitable for this

During cooking, the calcium contained in the eggshell migrates into the water, enriching it with nutrients; regardless of whether you prefer your breakfast egg hard-boiled or with a soft core. You can see in the video what this water is best suited for.

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