Graveyard Keeper: How to improve graveyard quality?

Graveyard Keeper, developed by Lazy Bear Games and published by tinyBuild, invites players to take on the role of a graveyard keeper. Throughout the adventure, they will then, among other things, improve the quality of the cemetery. In the following, we give you, thus, some tips to improve this place.

Improve Graveyard Quality on Graveyard Keeper

First of all, note that on Graveyard Keeperthe cemetery quality is marked with a symbol of a laurel wreath and dots. This information is present on the screen, and more precisely at the top right, when you are in the graveyard. In addition, the app indicates the quality of each grave (as in the image above). The points can be in the negative (which is the case at the start of the game) and in the positive.

One of the first quests, given by the Bishop NPC, asks you to improve this place. To do this, you have several possibilities and you must perform various actions, valid both during the first hours of play and throughout the adventure:

  • Fix broken fences and crosses using kits (image 1 from the gallery below).
    • Damaged crosses or fences have a more or less impact on the quality of the place. So, do not hesitate to repair them, using kits, if this is the case.
  • Remove unwanted items that negatively affect the quality of the graveyard.
    • At the beginning of the game, you will be able to see that the cemetery is not maintained. Start by removing the bushes, lowering the quality of the old graveyard.
  • Craft and place quality crosses and fences.
    • The more you progress, the more you will have access to better quality crosses and fences. For example, at the beginning of the adventure, you can place wooden crosses. Subsequently, and by unlocking the appropriate technologies in the “Theology” tab (requiring blue and red dots), you can make crosses which further increase the quality of the tomb, and by extension of the old cemetery (image 3 of the gallery below).
      • For example, a grave fence and a marble cross add 4 and 5 points to a grave, respectively.
  • Pay attention to long-buried bodies.
    • If an already buried body has a majority of red-colored skulls (image 3 in the gallery below), this will affect the quality of said grave. If so, dig it up and cremate it (‘cremation’ technology is required).
  • Decorate your graveyard with different items as quickly as possible.
    • In the same way as for crosses and fences, during your adventure, you will have the possibility of unlocking and manufacturing decorative elements (flowerbed, lawn, etc.), thanks to technologies, in particular “Improvement of Cemetery » in the tab « Theology »
      • For example, a lawn, requiring 6 pieces of Stone and 2 Peats, brings 4 points to the cemetery. Several can be placed.

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