gray areas remain on what really happened the night of the tragedy

The families of the two victims remain in the dark despite the arrest and indictment of the three suspects…

After three months of research, the bodies of Kevin Trompat and Leslie Hoorelbeke were found on March 3 and 4 in Charente-Maritime: one in a field in Puyravault, the other 5 km away, in the woods, near the town of Virson. THE young man’s funeral of 21 years took place on Thursday March 16, within the Saint-Hilaire church in Niort. A touching ceremony that brought together more than 200 people. In La Rochelle, no less than 300 people gathered on Saturday March 18, at 2.30 p.m., this time for the young woman’s funeral 22 years old. Two separate burials, but the same pain for the families of the victims who still wonder why… And for good reason, shadow areas remain on what really happened the night of the tragedy. “The motive or rather the motives which caused the acting out of the three suspects remain in effect quite blurry. After three months of investigation, magistrates and gendarmes believe that one of them, Tom Trouillet, indicted for “kidnapping and forcible confinement”, could have been led by quite a complex mixture combining a romantic disillusionment and a villainous objective against the backdrop of drug trafficking“, can we read in particular in the newspaper Le Parisien. In this case, Nathan Badji and Enzo Challat were also indicted for “assassinations”, “modification of the inventory of a crime” and “kidnapping and sequestration”.

As for the night of the murder, Le Parisien specifies that “investigators from the Poitiers research section believe that Leslie Hoorelbeke and Kevin Trompat most likely suffered the assault of their aggressors inside Tom Trouillet’s house, where they were supposed to sleep that night. The couple would therefore have left Nicolas R.’s home around 3 a.m., where he had just spent the evening, and joined Tom Trouillet’s house located barely thirty meters away. The invasion of the attackersarmed with blunt objects such as baseball bats or iron bars, would have taken place just After“.

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What penalties do the arrested suspects face?

Tom Trouillet, 22, was arrested for “kidnapping and forcible confinement“, and Nathan Badji, 22, and Enzo C., 23, for “assassinations“, “kidnapping and kidnapping” and “modification” of a crime scene. As reported once again by Le Parisien, even if they remain presumed innocent, Cyril Lacombe, the prosecutor of Poitiers, recalled during the conference of press of Tuesday March 7, that for the acts of “arrest, kidnapping, sequestration or arbitrary detention of several people”, the defendants incur a penalty of criminal imprisonment for a maximum of 30 years. And for assassination, it is criminal imprisonment at perpetuity. Finally, for “the modification of the inventory of a crime or an offense to obstruct the manifestation of the truth”, it is an offense punishable by three years of imprisonment. “The heads of indictment may change depending on the elements that will be updated during the course of the investigation,” said the prosecutor of Poitiers.

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