Gray hair: Jane Fonda + Co. show 3 ways you can style it

Jane Fonda, Glenn Powel + Co.
3 ways to style gray hair

Glenn Powel, Jane Fonda and Andie MacDowell

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Gray hair is wonderful — and looks even better with the right cut and styling.

Gray hair is no longer just a sign of getting older, but a beautiful expression of natural beauty. Famous women like Jane Fonda, Glenn Close and Andie MacDowell show how versatile and stylish silvery hair can really be. From short hair to bobs, we show you how you can easily style each hairstyle.

3 ways to style gray hair: 1. Jane Fonda with a curly bob

Screen icon Jane Fonda recently proved that beauty knows no age at the Environmental Media Association Awards ceremony at Sunset Las Palmas Studios in Los Angeles. In the photos, the actress shines in new splendour, wears her hair in a shoulder-length bob, which looks timeless and classic and flatters her facial features fabulously. Thanks to small steps in the front section, your look appears more modern and also flows more smoothly. Noticeable: The shortest strand sits above her eyebrows.

Jane Fonda wears her shoulder-length bob in big curls. Layered hair falls slightly over her face, making the style appear looser.

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Styling tip: 1. The preparation: Gray hair tends to lose moisture more quickly. Moisturizing shampoos, conditioners and hair masks provide supple care and form the basis for styling. 2. The right tools: Large, soft curls can be created using a curling iron. Attention, apply heat protection beforehand! Otherwise, rods with a diameter of approximately 3.8 to 5 cm are suitable for voluminous and soft curls and models that have temperature control. Thicker strands require higher temperatures for better hold, while finer hair also works well with lower temperatures. 3. For more shine: Then add one to two pumps of argan oil to your hair. The product is rich in vitamin E and fatty acids that nourish the hair and give it a healthy shine.

2. Glenn Close: Short and blown back — an all-rounder

Gray hair can often appear finer and thinner – long strands are not always the ideal choice. Instead, a cheeky pixie cut is flattering and supportive. The different lengths create movement and therefore automatically a little more volume. Glenn Close shows off her gray hair at the Giorgio Armani Privé Haute Couture show in Paris in a short and blown-back style that looks done up but not overdone. The ideal look for everyday life and the evening.

It’s all about brevity: Actress Glenn Close’s hair looks super well-groomed and shiny.

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Styling tip: 1. The right accessories for the hairdryer: A diffuser can also be helpful for straight hair! As an attachment, in conjunction with heat, it emphasizes the natural texture of the strands and also supports the slight movement of the hair. 2.The ideal hold: A mousse provides volume and hold without weighing down short hair. Ingredients such as provitamin B5 and keratin can support a shiny appearance. 3. For emphasized strands: If you would like to add a little more definition to your look, choose a light styling gel that you first distribute in your hands and then lightly apply to the tips.

3. Andie MacDowell: Dramatic waves for the evening

Andie MacDowell can actually look forward to bouncing curls that don’t require much styling. But for the big award shows, her mane can be happy about being specially styled. With her hair parted to the side and styled in big waves, Andie MacDowell looks absolutely en vogue.

Andie MacDowell styles her power curls here in big, laid-back waves.

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Styling tip: 1. For more hold: Work a styling mousse into towel-dried hair, then clip the top hair and the lower hair into different sections. 2. The correct posture: Bring the curling iron to operating temperature (be careful, not too hot!) and hold the iron vertically for softer, more natural waves. If you have curls, blow-dry your hair straight first! Start at the bottom and work your way up. A little tricky: The upper curls have to match the lower ones, so they have to be in a similar place to the lower hair. 3. The conclusion: Separate the waves with your fingers and secure the hairstyle with hairspray. Complete!


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