Gray hair: why you should definitely not pluck it – video

Gray hair
It's that dangerous to just tear them out

Discovered a gray hair? Don't pluck now!


At some point it will be there – the first gray hair. Many instinctively pick up tweezers at this moment, but you shouldn't get used to that at all.

Gray hair is actually a trend at the moment, and yet many people still get restless when they discover gray hair again. But make an appointment to dye your hair because of a strand? You can solve the problem much easier, just pick up the tweezers and then … No! Because just tearing out the gray hair is really not a good idea.

Just no cruelty!

A better solution: Better to hide, dye or just let wax. Because the regular use of tweezers can have pretty bad consequences. Find out now why plucking is not the solution for the supposed blemish.