Great Britain: Corona deaths: Johnson denies comment

“No,” said Johnson on Monday during a visit to Wrexham, Welsh, when a reporter asked whether he made the disrespectful comment – but then hastened to add: “But, again, I think the most important thing is that people want that we go ahead and, as a government, make lockdowns work, and they do, and I really pay tribute to the people of this country, our whole country, for pulling themselves together. “

In an internal discussion about the third corona lockdown, which Johnson absolutely wanted to prevent at the beginning of winter, the prime minister is said to have said, according to media reports, that he would rather “let bodies pile up” than allow another corona lockdown impose. Initially, the “Daily Mail” reported on it, citing sources from government circles. But the BBC, among others, later followed suit, citing its own sources. Johnson said the sentence, the broadcaster reported – even after Johnson’s official denial.