Great fan gesture from Bellingham: The goosebumps moment of the Supercup

Great fan gesture from Bellingham
The goosebumps moment of the Supercup

Jude Bellingham went out of his way to write his heroic story in the game. But in the German Supercup, the top talent from Borussia Dortmund cannot prevent the bitter defeat against FC Bayern. But the greatest moment comes after the final whistle.

The first title of the season was taken. The disappointment at BVB is great, the relief at Bayern is enormous. After a rumbling preparation, after a draw at the Bundesliga start and annoying discussions about sufficient quality and quantity, the title calmed the situation down for the time being. And relieved Julian Nagelsmann, who won both his first victory as a coach of the Munich team and his first trophy in the professional field.

Well, the mood at BVB was a little different. The black and yellow would have liked to have won the duel. It would have been a sign that Borussia are ready to make it really difficult for the record champions this season. In fact, Dortmund are (once again) considered a strong challenger to FC Bayern. Because they kept their highly talented squad together except for Jadon Sancho. Because Erling Haaland remains the storm phenomenon, and players like Jude Bellingham have evolved. The young Englishman is trusted to play a key role in the central midfield this season.

Marco Rose, the new BVB coach, raves about his youngster: “He has an excellent attitude towards his job, he is very ambitious and then he has an enormous quality, against and with the ball, that makes him interesting.” The coach only sees untapped potential in the midfielder in the areas of physique and being ripped off.

Against FC Bayern, he indicated again and again what incredible assets he brought with him. Not only as a man in pressing and conquering the ball, but also as a clever distributor from the depths. He prepared the monster chance of Marco Reus fantastically, also Haaland was strongly alluded to by him several times. The 18-year-old would have become one of the great heroes if the people in front of him had been more efficient in their degrees. BVB only managed one hit, through Reus. On pass from Bellingham.

The Englishman had his strongest, because most emotional, moment after the final whistle. He made a disabled fan immensely happy when he gave him his jersey. Bellingham went to his wheelchair and handed the camisole to the fan’s companion. The reaction of the fan, uniquely emotional. The most beautiful scene of the evening. Even the player was so moved that he posted the filmed moment in his story on Instagram. There he thanked him for the sensational support from the fans. In fact, it still feels unreal for the footballers to be able to play in front of an audience again. Even if the numbers are still on the small side.