“Great loyalty”: the tender confidences of Jean-Luc Reichmann on his friendship with Jean-Pierre Pernaut: Femme Actuelle Le MAG

Jean-Pierre Pernaut is missed by French viewers, but also by his former collaborators on French television. Since his death in March 2022, at the age of 71, his loved ones have worked hard to keep his memory alive and pay tribute to him as many times as possible. During an interview given to Closerpublished on newsstands Friday February 23, 2024, Jean-Luc Reichmann wanted to honor his friendship with the former news presenter, with whom he shared a close relationship. “Jean-Pierre could have been my big brother. A real bond was created over the years”, he assured our colleagues. The two men showed great honesty towards each other, according to the host of the 12 shots of noon. “He always told me: ‘if you leave TF1, you tell me’I did not understand why. ‘Because you are my locomotive’the father of Tom, Lou, Julia and Olivier had declared to him.

Jean-Luc Reichmann: “I was just a game host”

During his interview with our colleagues from Closer, the husband of Nathalie Lecoultre remembered his beginnings on television, during which it was difficult to be accepted by his counterparts. Jean-Luc Reichmann was often looked down upon. I felt it at the start of my career. To some, I was just a game show host. Except that they didn’t know that I had done a lot of theater before.”, he regretted. Reason why the support of Jean-Pierre Pernaut was very precious to him. Nathalie Marquay’s husband was a real shoulder to lean on in times of doubt. But from where he watches him, the former news presenter no longer has to worry about his faithful friend. Jean-Luc Reichmann has his own seat among the French’s favorite presenters. Viewers assiduously follow his broadcasts, in particular The 12 strokes of noon, which he has presented on TF1 since 1995, that is to say almost 30 years. The jovial character and fine humor of the main character of his own series, entitled Léo Matteï, minors’ brigade, proved his perseverance right. It now reigns supreme within the French audiovisual landscape.

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