great offer on the console with Mario Kart Live Home Circuit

Here’s a good deal to grab on the Nintendo Switch! On the Cdiscount site, the console offered in the form of a pack with the game Mario Kart Live Home Circuit is sold for under 270 euros.

Nintendo Switch Mario Kart Live Home Circuit pack

Cdiscount invites you to go to its section dedicated to video games to enjoy a good deal on the Switch. In that moment Nintendo console is sold with the game Mario Kart Live Home Circuit at the price of 269.99 euros. Knowing that the price of the game is 69.99 euros, the famous console from the Japanese brand therefore costs you 200 euros.

About the Switch, this is the second version of the Nintendo console which has an estimated battery life of 9 hours (compared to 6.5 hours for the old model), a 4 GB RAM and a native storage space of 32 GB expandable using a microSD card not included . The Nintendo Switch also features a Quad-Core ARM Cortex-A57 processor, Tegra X1 graphics card, 6.2-inch touchscreen with 720 x 1280 pixel HD resolution and USB input Type-C. Also, the console is accompanied by two right and left Joy-Con controllers, a support to combine the two Joy-Con to form a single controller, a docking station to connect it to the television, two wrist straps , an HDMI cable and a power adapter.

As for Mario Kart Live Home Circuit, the game invites the player to transform their living room into a world of lava where bananas and shells are exchanged to the rhythm of the roar of the kart’s engines, also real. For this, the player has gantries included in the pack to delimit the perimeter of the circuit, choose the race parameters and control his kart from his console. The kart actually reacts to objects strewn around the circuit.

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