green light from the government for a framework for Marseille rents

The Minister Delegate for Housing, Olivier Klein, gave the green light on Tuesday to a framework for Marseille rents, strongly desired by the left-wing municipality to fight against housing difficulties in the poorest large city in France.

I received the file last Thursday and I want to say here my agreement that we can supervise the rents Marseille, declared the minister at the end of the first general states of housing of the second city of France, assuring that this request will be a priority of his administration.

Rents are already supervised in Paris and in 18 communes of Seine-Saint-Denis as well as Lille, Montpellier, Bordeaux, Lyon and Villeurbanne.

The Aix-Marseille-Provence metropolis led by Martine Vassal (right, Les Rpublicains) has filed a file which provides for supervision only in Marseille, and not in the 91 other municipalities of the community, some of which, like Cassis, are seaside resorts taken.

Here she responds favorably to a repeated request from the mayor of Marseilles, Benot Payan. The metropolis, she fears that such a measure will come to seize even more the system and in particular the construction while Marseille has 40,000 slums and as many requests for social housing pending.

With these Estates General, the left-wing municipality showed that after school, it wanted to carry out the housing project, which is not, however, its direct responsibility, after several fatal tragedies of unsanitary housing.

In 2018, two dilapidated buildings collapsed on rue d’Aubagne, in the city center, killing eight people. In 2021, a fire in a degraded and squatted city, the Flamingos, killed three people.

It is a moment of changeover in the mandate, estimated the deputy mayor Patrick Amico. We are ready for enhanced and unprecedented cooperation between our two institutions, added the vice-president of the metropolis for housing, David Ytier.

About thirty proposals thus emerged from these two days of consultation.

Among them, the rental permit – a device which makes it possible to check that the accommodation meets standards – currently being tested around Rue d’Aubagne, could be extended to other central districts and for a test in some of the 13 large degraded condominiums in the city.

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However, the cornerstone of this subject is still missing, the Local Housing Plan (PLH) 2023-2028 – a crucial tool for establishing the housing strategy in a territory – which the metropolis promises to detail in early 2023.

A priori, the communities would commit to an annual rate of construction of 11,000 housing units, of which around 40% in Marseille. Territorial rebalancing is also necessary in this territory notoriously known for its shortcomings in terms of social housing.

Recalling the urgency for the Metropolis to have a PLH, the prefect of the region Christophe Mirmand had indicated to AFP that the State calls for its adoption by the first half of 2023.

We want to include in the law a technical control of the habitat, also pleaded Benot Payan who also claims a strengthening of the penalties incurred by the slum landlords or the possibility of expropriating in very degraded condominiums.

The minister promised without further details to submit these proposals within the broad consultation on housing launched Monday within the National Council for Refoundation (CNR) wanted by Emmanuel Macron.

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