Green Mask Stick: What can the hyped mask stick do?

Green Mask Stick
New miracle cure for pimples and blackheads?

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The Green Mask Stick is celebrated on social media as a miracle cure for blemished skin. Right? We took a closer look at the stick.

On TikTok and Instagram you can find numerous videos from users with the hashtag #greenmaskstick Mask pen Works wonders: within a few minutes, the mask pulls the dirt out of the pores in the form of small black dots and leaves your skin perfectly clean and well cared for. To be too good to be true? We’ll tell you what the trend product is all about.

What is the Green Mask Stick?

The Green Mask Stick is a stick-shaped face mask. The practical stick makes it easy to apply the mask without using your hands or a brush. The Green Mask contains green tea extract, which promises real wonders, especially for pimples and oily skin. According to the manufacturer, the mask should do the following:

  • Thoroughly clean skin and pores
  • Bring the skin into balance
  • Mattify oily skin for a long time
  • Reduce pimples and acne
  • Make the complexion smoother and more even
  • Moisturize and care for the skin

How to use the Green Mask Stick

Of the Green Mask Stick is very easy to use. The texture is firmer than conventional masks, so nothing can drip onto the bathroom floor – very practical! It is best to proceed in the following steps:

  1. Clean your face
  2. Unscrew a piece of the stick
  3. Apply the product evenly to the skin of your face
  4. Leave the mask on for about 10 minutes
  5. Wash off the dried mask with warm water

You should close the stick tightly after use. This way the product doesn’t dry out and you can use it multiple times. For oily skin, it is recommended to use the stick 2-3 times a week. For combination skin, it is advisable to use the mask only on the T-zone. The stick should only be used once a week for dry skin.

Does the Green Mask Stick work?

Many of the videos showing how the mask literally pulls dirt out of your pores and leaves you with a perfect complexion are fake! Conjure up almost perfect, pore-free skin in just a few seconds – of course the stick cannot do that. Some testers appear to be using chia seeds to fake the alleged dirt that is being pulled out of the pores.

But even if fake videos are circulating on the net, this does not mean that the Green Mask Stick is a bad product. According to the Codecheck app, which evaluates the ingredients in products, the stick is in the green. In addition to the critical preservative methyl paraben, it mainly contains harmless, moisturizing ingredients.

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Some YouTubers report that their skin feels refreshed or softer. At Amazon, some buyers were disappointed that the product didn’t work as it did in the videos, but noted that the stick smells good, cleanses thoroughly, softens the skin and creates a fresh complexion. So you can’t expect miracles from the stick, but at least a good cleaning effect.

Other masks against pimples and blackheads

In addition to the Green Mask Stick, there are various other masks that clean the pores and counteract pimples and oily skin. Masks with clay or salicylic acid are particularly recommended for blemished skin. Tip: If your pores are very dirty, you can also use a Porensauers help, which pulls the excess sebum out of the pores with the help of negative pressure.

the Dead Sea Mud Mask by Mother Nature removes dead skin particles and ensures a fresh complexion and finer pores. The mask contains mud from the Dead Sea, which supplies the skin with valuable minerals and nutrients. White clay soaks for a clarifying effect, while avocado oil moisturizes the skin.

the Green Tea Clay Mask from Natura Pur cleanses the skin with pure clay. Green tea supplies the skin with nutrients and minerals and tea tree oil prevents inflammation. Hyaluronic acid and aloe vera provide moisture and freshness – deep cleansing and anti-aging care in one! In addition, the manufacturers do without parabens, silicones, sulfates, pesticides, artificial colors and perfume.

the Coco Wow French Pink Clay Mask from HelloBody uses French pink clay and white clay for deep cleansing and a matt complexion. Magnolia extract and panthenol have an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect to prevent pimples and blackheads. The mask is free from PEG, silicone, parabens and microplastics.

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