Grégory Lemarchal: Faustine Bollaert, Karine Ferri and Nikos Aliagas reunited to make a moving project a reality

Faustine Bollaert, Karine Ferri and Nikos Aliagas were reunited this Thursday, June 16 to inaugurate a project that was very close to their hearts.

On April 30, 2007, Grégory Lemarchal lost his fight against the disease of cystic fibrosis. The young man, aged only 23, made himself known by participating in the star Academy. Noted for his talent, he was very popular with the French who were shocked by his death. Today, Laurence and Pierre Lemarchal, his parents, never cease to honor his memory. On June 16, Faustine Bollaert, Karine Ferri and Nikos Aliagas attended the inauguration of the Grégory Lemarchal house. This is located in Rueil-Malmaison, in the Hauts-de-Seine. An important moment that Karine Ferri shared on her Instagram account. The host shared the life of the singer and she was his companion at the time of his death. Since then, she has continued to pay tribute to him on social networks and on television. Under your gaze, history continues to be written. Last night, we inaugurated the first Gregory Lemarchal house. A major project, built stone by stone, with the strength, determination and love of your people, carried by your courage and your will. A pride for all of usshe wrote in the caption of a publication.

Grégory Lemarchal counted for French viewers but also his relatives, still very upset by his disappearance. Alongside Karine Ferri were also Faustine Bollaert, Nikos Aliagas or Brigitte Macron. This project was very close to their hearts and it was obvious for them to respond. “In this innovative house, and for a week, we create their life project with the patients, surrounded, among other things, by a social worker, a therapist, a project manager”, had first explained Pierre Lemarchal, Grégory’s father, in the columns of the Parisian. “Then we follow them remotely, for two, six months, a year with speakers, sports coaches, life coaches who can also visit them. We don’t want to leave anyone by the side of the road“, he then clarified. Many personalities had responded to the call of the association and it would seem that this inauguration took place in the best conditions.

Karine Ferri: does she often pay tribute to Grégory Lemarchal?

Karine Ferri shared the life of Grégory Lemarchal and, fifteen years after his death, she is still as upset. If she managed to rebuild her life, the host does not forget to pay tribute to the young singer. Each year, on the anniversary of her death, she shares a tender and moving message. “April 30, 2007″, had she simply written in the caption of her story in April 2022 before tagging the Instagram account of the Grégory Lemarchal association. “For your courage, for your fight which has become ours, for all those who suffer from the same illness as you. For your immense talent and the beauty of your soul. To show that you must always believe in your dreams and because your strength is in us forever, she had said the year before. If she made the decision to withdraw from the association, it was obvious for her to be present at this inauguration.

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