Grenoble: a man threatens customers of a bar with a knife, accusing them of being “bad Muslims”

The individual was arrested thanks to the intervention of customers of the bar in question.

Thursday, August 11, while they were quietly installed at a cafe terrace in Grenoble, several people were threatened by a man with a knife. According The Dauphine this one would have pointed them with his weapon, accusing them of beingbad muslims“.

But, unexpectedly, while making these threats, the assailant – a young Iraqi, according to The Dauphine – got surrounded by bar patrons. The latter managed to make him beat a retreat to a public square, where the individual could be arrested by the police, specifies the regional daily.

Contacted by Le Figarothe public prosecutor of Grenoble Eric Vaillant indicated that the man in question had been arrested and hospitalized in psychiatry.

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