Greta Thunberg: Your advice on the corona crisis hits the nail on the head

March 19, 2020

Greta's Corona Appeal

The corona virus is also putting a spanner in the works for the climate activist. The "Fridays For Future" movements cannot take place until further notice. But that's not why Greta falls silent. Your fight against climate change continues – just digitally. And she also has something important to say about Corona.

Supports those who are at the forefront of our societies. And listen to the experts!

It is important not to underestimate the dimensions or to take them lightly. Doctors, nursing staff and even the person at the supermarket checkout went to their limits every day. Ignorance and hatred should be ignored, according to Greta. "If you use this as an opportunity to mock or suppress opponents, it really shows your true value." We're all in the same boat. Now cohesion is required. And that's why Greta advises:

Be friendly. Help where you can.

By the way: Here we have a few ideas for you on how you can do good in the corona crisis.


The climate movement saved them

Greta Thunberg has been fighting against climate change with heart and blood since 2018. A tireless effort that may have saved her life.

It is known that the young climate activist suffers from Asperger syndrome, but not that she had to deal with severe depression as a child.

Greta disappeared in a kind of darkness at the age of 11

This is revealed by Greta's mother Malena Ernman (49) in an interview with the "Metro". Greta hardly ate anything, she had no strength left. The score Greta got on a depression test was shockingly high.

The way out of the dark

But then a film about ocean garbage that she saw at school eventually changed her life. Malena Ernman recalls that she came home from class as if moved. Greta was seriously concerned about the environment. Her father helped her make her first demo poster. It was not only the beginning of the huge "Fridays For Future" movement, but also the first steps from her depression. "We could see that she felt good and it seemed to us that she was doing better than ever before," says her mother happily.

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Impostors, trademarks, commercial interests, royalties and foundation … First: Unfortunately there are still people who are trying to impersonate me or falsely claim that they "represent" me in order to communicate with high profile people, politicians, media, artists etc Please be aware that this is happening and be extremely suspicious if you are contacted by ”me” or someone saying they ”represent” me. I apologize to anyone who has been contacted – and even misled – by this kind of behavior. Second: My name and the #FridaysForFuture movement are constantly being used for commercial purposes without any consent whatsoever. It happens for instance in marketing, selling of products and people collecting money in my and the movement’s name. That is why I've applied to register my name, Fridays For Future, Skolstrejk för klimatet etc as trademarks. This action is to protect the movement and its activities. It is also needed to enable my pro bono legal help to take necessary action against people or corporations etc who are trying to use me and the movement in purposes not in line with what the movement stands for. I assure you, I and the other school strikers have absolutely no interests in trademarks. But unfortunately it needs to be done. Fridays For Future is a global movement founded by me. It belongs to anyone taking part in it, above all the young people. It can – and must – not be used for individual or commercial purposes. And third: together with my family I'm setting up a foundation. It's already registered and existing, but it is not not yet up and running. This is strictly nonprofit of course and there are no interests in philanthropy. It is just something that is needed for handling money (book royalties, donations, prize money etc) in a completely transparent way. For instance, taxes have to be paid before we can give them away to specified purposes and charities. This takes a lot of time and work, and when the foundation is fully up and running I will tell you more. The foundation’s aim will be to promote ecological, climatic and social sustainability as well as mental health. Love / Greta

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Bizarre thesis

Recently a crazy video by Xavier Naidoo appeared, which is now circulating on Twitter. In it, the singer brags about his many cars, accuses climate researchers and sets up a bizarre "Fridays For Future" thesis. Are you crazy?

Today is September 20th, a so-called Friday for Future, FFF. Three times F. F is in sixth place in the alphabet: 666 – you know who is behind it.

This is how Xavier introduces the video. Huh? Not Greta Thunberg but Satan should now be behind the climate movement Fridays for Future? But what comes next only makes you shake your head. "I have a few other cars and lots of cars and I wouldn't ever scrap a single one because of a climate hysteria that doesn't stand a chance in court."

When exactly the video was recorded and on which platform the singer published it remains unclear. In any case, the network is laughing badly. Especially after ZDF satirist Jan Böhmermann ironically put his own thesis on it in the video heading on Twitter. See for yourself:

March 16, 2020

Greta receives sharp criticism

The cult radio host Jürgen Domian lets off a lot of frustration. The reason: the Swedish climate activist, who particularly goes against his grain. "For a few years now you have been speaking clear words to us and are not keeping your criticism behind the mountain. I will do the same now," Jürgen Domian begins the open letter.

The radio moderator clarifies one thing beforehand. He was a great nature lover and "deep green". No question, the melting of the glaciers "hurts his soul" too. But that Greta constantly blaming her listeners for guilt and a guilty conscience would go against the grain of him.

I have to tell you that you're getting on my nerves. There is hardly a week in which you do not appear anywhere and reproach anyone with a morally acidic expression.

"Please dispose of your halo! Naturally environmentally friendly"

Yes, the radio presenter does not leave the young climate activist in good hands in his letter. His controversial message is now hotly debated online. While some agree with him, others contradict him. Because: the older generation would rather insist on their comfort than fight for a better life for the following generations.

Who is Greta Thunberg? facts and figures

  • Greta Thunberg was born in Stockholm on January 3, 2003

  • The environmental activist is considered the founder of the "Fridays for Future" movement

  • In 2019, Greta Thunberg was named "Person of the Year" by TIME magazine

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