“Grey’s Anatomy”: Guest Star Scott Speedman returns for Season 18

“Grey’s Anatomy”
Guest star Scott Speedman returns in season 18

Scott Speedman returns as Nick Marsh in Grey’s Anatomy season 18.

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In season 18 of “Grey’s Anatomy” Meredith Gray receives a visit from her past: Scott Speedman is making his comeback as Nick Marsh.

In the 18th season of “Grey’s Anatomy” a man from Meredith Grey’s (Ellen Pompeo, 51) past comes back: guest star Scott Speedman (46) celebrates his series comeback, as reported by the industry portal “Deadline”. The actor played surgeon Nick Marsh in one episode in season 14, who collapsed after a transplant and became Meredith’s patient. However, there was nothing more than an intense flirtation between the two. Now he joins season 18 as a permanent cast member.

Warning – spoilers ahead!

In a first teaser on the official Instagram profile of the ABC show can be seen one of the first encounters between the two in the premiere episode of season 18. Meredith Gray is approached by a waiter in a hotel. “Dr. Gray, may I show you the bar?” He asks. He then refers her to a table at which a man is sitting who cannot be recognized at first glance. But then the camera pans and Nick Marsh can be seen. “How did you find me?” Asks Meredith. “Five-star hotel right next to the hospital … I took the risk,” Marsh replies with a smile.

The 18th season of “Grey’s Anatomy” premiered in the US yesterday, Thursday. It is not yet known when the new episodes will be shown in Germany. In addition to Scott Speedman, the new episodes also feature Abigail Spencer (40) as Dr. Megan Hunt and Kate Walsh (53) as Dr. Addison Montgomery back.


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