Grey’s Anatomy Season 20: Concern for Teddy – The first teaser is here!


The 20th season of “Grey’s Anatomy” starts in spring 2024 on ABC. Now there is a first teaser that prepares us for what awaits us and especially Teddy in the new episodes.

Grey's Anatomy: Gets a 20th season

Grey’s Anatomy: Gets a 20th season (Source: ABC)

  • Before the finale of season 19, “Grey’s Anatomy” was renewed for a 20th season.
  • The new episodes of the medical series are scheduled to start on the US broadcaster ABC in spring 2024.
  • Now there is a first teaser for what is to come.

Gray Sloan Memorial Hospital will continue accepting patients for another year. The ABC series “Grey’s Anatomy” has officially been renewed for a 20th season.

By extending it to 20 seasons, the series further extends its record as the longest-running primetime medical series on US television. The success of “Grey’s Anatomy” has not yet stopped in Germany either.

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Grey’s Anatomy Season 20: Start

“Grey’s Anatomy” season 20 starts on March 14, 2024 on the US broadcaster ABC. In Germany we can probably expect a launch on Disney+, Joyn and ProSieben about six months later.

However, it is unclear how many episodes the 20th season of “Grey’s Anatomy” will have. During the writers’ and actors’ strikes, it was even suspected that “Grey’s Anatomy” season 20 would only contain half as many episodes as the previous seasons. It has not yet been confirmed whether this will actually happen.

Grey’s Anatomy Season 20: Trailer

The first teaser for the 20th season of “Grey’s Anatomy” shows what happens next after the dramatic end of the last season. We see how the interns struggle with their training, how different affairs are clarified or not clarified, addictions are fought and how Teddy collapses and the assembled team tries to save her life.

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Grey’s Anatomy Season 20: Plot

The 19th season of “Grey’s Anatomy” ended dramatically as usual. In order to save the life of his patient Sam, the inexperienced assistant doctor Lucas operates on the man without the help of a senior physician. Because he is in mortal danger.

Teddy was supposed to be in charge of the operation, but her untreated toothache worsens and causes Teddy to collapse. Her husband Owen is immediately there and desperately tries to revive her.

The fate of both is unclear at the end of the season and must be clarified at the beginning of season 20. However, we already know that Teddy actress Kim Raver has already signed up for the upcoming season, so Teddy’s chances of survival are good.

Grey’s Anatomy Season 20: Cast

The 20th season of “Grey’s Anatomy” is expecting a big change. With the exit of Ellen Pompeo (Meredith Grey) and Kelly McCreary (Maggie Pierce), the cast makes room for a new generation of interns who were introduced in season 19.

In season 20, Grey’s Sloan will once again focus more on training doctors. The new generation is led by Harry Shum Jr. (“Everything Everywhere All at Once”) as Benson Kwan, Adelaide Kane (“SEAL Team”) as Jules Millin, Alexis Floyd (“Inventing Anna”) as Simone Griffith, Niko Terho (” Sweetbitter”) as Lucas Adams and Midori Francis (“The Sex Lives of College Girls”) as Mika Yasuda.

Grey’s Anatomy Season 20: Production

As part of the renewal, it was also announced that Meg Marinis will replace longtime showrunner Krista Vernoff. In January 2023, Vernoff announced that she would be leaving both “Grey’s Anatomy” and “Seattle Firefighters” after the current seasons.

She followed Meredith actress Ellen Pompeo and actress Kelly McCreary (Dr. Maggie Pierce), who also left the medical series with the 19th season.

Marinis, who has been part of the production team since 2006, is now stepping in for Vernoff. Over the years, the new showrunner has slowly worked her way up within the production. She has worked as a production assistant, medical researcher, story editor and writer on more than 35 episodes of the show. Marinis has served as an executive producer for the past four seasons.

However, the new change does not affect the success of the medical series. Many of the new cast members were well received by fans, which is why the majority of them will return with the new season.

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