Grey’s Anatomy: TF1 interrupts the broadcast of season 18 before the end!

Bad news for fans of “Grey’s Anatomy”: TF1 will soon stop broadcasting the new season 18, just a few episodes from the end. Instead, viewers will be able to experience the sequel to another medical series.

French fans of Grey’s Anatomy will have to wait before discovering the 400th episode of their favorite series on TF1.

While it currently offers the new season 18 every Wednesday only a few weeks behind the United States – which is rare enough to be underlined – the front page announced today that it would not go to the end of the broadcast and that Grey’s Anatomy would give way to another medical series from June 1st.

Across the Atlantic, the eighteenth season of the adventures of Meredith Gray (Ellen Pompeo) and the doctors of Gray Sloan Hospital will end on May 26 on ABC with a double final episode which should not fail to create the event. since the second part of this final season highly anticipated will be none other than the 400th episode of Grey’s Anatomy.

On TF1, the broadcast will therefore end, for the moment, on Wednesday May 25 with the broadcast of episodes 14 and 15 of season 18, “Until the end of the world” and “#Evaluations”, which will notably see the hospital having to deal with a shortage of doctors while Nick (Scott Speedman) will be back in Seattle to carry out a unique operation with Meredith.

ABC/Liliane Lathan

French viewers will therefore still be able to enjoy three evenings with the doctors of Grey’s Anatomy, on May 11, 18, and 25, before having to momentarily say goodbye to the phenomenon series which is already guaranteed to return for a season. 19.

The channel did not justify stopping the broadcast just five episodes from the end, but everything suggests that the dubbing of the last episodes could not have been ready in time.

No return date has yet been communicated by TF1, which will surely wait until 2023 to broadcast the remaining episodes of season 18 before continuing with season 19. Unfortunately, we will therefore have to take our troubles patiently. .

In the meantime, lovers of medical fiction will be able to savor the new season 2 of the Italian series Doc, with Luca Argentero, which will start on Wednesday June 1 at 9:10 p.m. on TF1 and will be broadcast at the rate of two episodes per week.

A new season which will obviously take into account the Covid and will tell “the new life that awaits us after the pandemic” according to the press release.

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