Grill recipes: The best recipes for grilling

The best grill recipes: our favorites

Whether at home in the garden, relaxing in the park or relaxing on the beach – barbecuing is simply fun no matter where you are. With good weather, cold drinks, dear company and exuberant mood, the delicacies from the grill taste twice as good!

The most important thing about great barbecue fun is – besides the quality of steak, fish and vegetables – of course the grill recipes. Gone are the days when you just put marinated grilled meat and sausages on the grill. Following the example of the American barbecue, grilling has now developed into a science that has produced many masters and one or the other great recipe. Talking shop at BBQ is no longer just about the old question "charcoal, gas or electric grill?".

Rethinking on the grill: grill recipes for healthy enjoyment

Instead, people talk today about smokers, which cook gently for many hours and are considered to be much healthier than conventional grills. There are discussions about unusual rubs and grill spices, about elaborate grill marinades, spare ribs, pulled pork and the little tricks and tricks that make something out of a piece of meat that even tough men would like to write poems about. And people are talking about vegetarian and vegan alternatives from the grill, which have long been a part of a BBQ as well as sausages and steak. Here we tell you everything you need to know if you want to grill vegetarian.

Our barbecue recipes also contain many of these creations, with which the next barbecue season cannot come early enough. The modern recipes that we present in our picture series are proof of a completely new way of thinking among the grill masters. Greasy and charred was yesterday. Contemporary recipes attach great importance to the high quality of the ingredients, organic products, small, sophisticated ideas and healthy side dishes for grilling. The days of having a simple pasta salad with mayonnaise at a grill party are long gone. But don't worry: our grill recipes will make you look good. For example, we will show you how to grill vegetables and which salads are suitable for grilling.

Highlights from the grill: sophisticated grill recipes

Then you can now get organic beef burgers, crispy spare ribs, grilled pork belly with a glaze of boiled cola and exotic spiced squid skewers. For those who love vegetarian, there are sweet potatoes that are cooked directly in the embers, sheep's cheese packets with intense spice flavors that cook in the tomato stock and green asparagus, which unfolds its full flavor in the vegetable tongs on the grill.

The homemade grill marinade is just as much a must with every BBQ as homemade grill sauces. With our marinades for grilling, this is not difficult and quick, and barbecue sauces can be prepared in less than 15 minutes – and still inspire your guests. How about a fruity cranberry ketchup or an aromatic paprika pesto?

Barbecue recipes: Much more than just meat

Delicious side dishes should not be missing from grilled meat and fish: salads, for example, or grilled vegetables. Whether asparagus, peppers, zucchini or everything on a skewer – anything is allowed on the grill and we reveal what you have to watch out for when grilling vegetables. Vegetarian grill recipes such as stuffed mushrooms, veggie burgers, vegetable skewers and flatbread with various dips taste at least as good as grill meat.

Potatoes or sweet potatoes are also very practical for grilling. You can cook unpeeled in aluminum foil directly in the embers; This way, they don't take up any space on the wire rack – and finish the meat on time. Here we explain to you how to grill potatoes and grill sweet potatoes.

And to end the barbecue evening comfortably, fresh fruit comes on the grill. Sounds extraordinary? It is; but grilling fruit is exceptionally good! Try it yourself! Grilled peach, for example, tastes really delicious.

Practical tips for grilling

The classic charcoal grill is perfect for grilling in the garden or on the go because it is easy to take with you. The following applies to charcoal barbecues: only start barbecuing when the charcoal has burned well. It should be covered with a light gray layer. Also good to know: Although charcoal takes less preheating time than briquettes, it also burns shorter. If you prefer to grill quickly at home without a lot of smoke, take it Gas grill or the electric grill. Both are also great for a small round on the balcony, if you just don't feel like cooking and spontaneously want to put something on the grill.

If you want to grill meat, you should not use slices that are too thin, otherwise they will dry out quickly. You should generally keep your hands off the marinated meat. It often contains many colors and flavor enhancers. Marinating meat is really easy and fun too. When grilling fish, you should also make sure to use high-fat varieties such as trout and salmon. We'll tell you what you need to grill for trout and grill for salmon. But be careful: fish should not be grilled too hot, otherwise it will dry out. In our recipes we tell you what else you need to consider.

You can find even more delicious barbecue ideas here.

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