Group takes action against judgment: Railway contrite, train drivers continue on strike

Group takes action against judgment
Railway contrite, train drivers continue on strike

Not only train travelers need patience in the coming days. Even in the deadlocked collective bargaining dispute, perseverance is required from those involved. While the GDL continues its work stoppage unmoved, the Deutsche Bahn is hoping for the judiciary.

After the defeat of Deutsche Bahn before the labor court in Frankfurt, the strike of the German Locomotive Drivers’ Union (GDL) continues. The planned continuation of the stoppage confirmed the GDL in the morning. The railway announced on Thursday that it would take action against the judgment. A spokeswoman said on Thursday evening that the group wanted to have the judgment checked in the second instance before the regional labor court. Negotiations are expected there on Friday.

“We were aware that the hurdles in an urgent procedure are very high and that the right to strike in Germany is very well protected with good reason,” said the spokeswoman. “Nevertheless, we see it as our responsibility, in the interests of our customers, to leave no stone unturned to end the strike.” For the time being, the strike continues: In regional and S-Bahn traffic, around 40 percent of the trains are on the move, the group announced in the morning. Due to the different strike participation, the offer fluctuates regionally: There could be stronger restrictions – similar to the previous strikes – in the eastern federal states and some metropolitan regions.

For the weekend, the railroad expects a slight expansion of the timetable offer in long-distance traffic from 25 to 30 percent. Long-distance trains between Rostock, Berlin and Dresden should also be on the way on Saturday and Sunday. One thing is certain: According to Deutsche Bahn, travelers must expect restrictions and full trains in the coming days. Customers are therefore well advised to postpone trips.

Weselsky demands the fulfillment of all demands

The test of patience is not only ahead of some passengers, but also of the group after the defeat in court. With the injunction, the railway wanted to stop the train drivers’ strike, which the GDL had extended to passenger transport on Thursday. The labor court rejected the application. Previously, the attempt by the presiding judge, Volker Schulze, to bring both sides back to the negotiating table with a settlement had failed. The GDL rejected an improved offer from the group management on Wednesday, refused negotiations and continued its third round of strikes.

The union wants all of the demands made in May to be met. The GDL chairman Claus Weselsky rejected the rail tariff offer because it should not apply to all GDL members. According to his presentation, the state-owned company demands that the scope of a new collective agreement be limited to drivers, as before. “This makes it clear that DB wants to withdraw some of the GDL members’ constitutional rights,” the unionist told “Spiegel”. This threatens to split the union with first and second class members.

Rail passenger traffic has been on strike nationwide since Thursday morning. The strike began on Wednesday afternoon in freight traffic and is expected to end on Tuesday after five days.