Groupe EPC: quarterly turnover stood at 104.8 ME

Photo credit © Reuters

( — The turnover over 3 months (excluding joint venture) of EPC Group stood at 104.8 ME, against 85.8 ME in 2021, i.e. an increase of 22.2%, driven in particular by a particularly dynamic Africa Asia Pacific zone (+46.4%). At constant exchange rates and scope, sales increased by 20.1%.
The deterioration of the Euro against other currencies (US Dollar (and associated currencies (AED and SAR)), Guinean Franc, Canadian Dollar and Pound Sterling in particular) had a favorable impact on sales for the quarter. The NORMAT company in Benin, acquired at the end of 2021, is consolidated for the first time this quarter and treated as a change in scope.

Foreseeable evolution for the coming quarters

“Despite a tense context, there are no signs of a slowdown in demand.
The EPC group therefore continues to work to secure its supplies under conditions that are as competitive as possible. The objective is to allow its customers to continue to operate and grow in good conditions while preserving the profitability of the Group’s operations.
A particular effort will be made in 2022 to assess the carbon impact of the Group’s operations in order to include it in an overall EPC climate plan. The criterion of greenhouse gas emissions is already a criterion taken into account in the evaluation of the Group’s investments and developments. Our business software now includes modules allowing our customers to measure and optimize the impact of our operations on their own carbon footprint. EPC is therefore committed to behaving as a responsible player in its various businesses by offering stable and sustainable solutions to its customers despite the uncertain macro-economic context”.


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