GSK: carries out a study on the risks of shingles after Covid

( – According to a new study led by GSK, people aged 50 or older in the United States who have had COVID-19 may be at greater risk of developing shingles than those who have not. diagnosed with COVID-19.

In this study, people aged 50 or older who contracted COVID-19 were 15% more likely to develop shingles compared to people who were never diagnosed with COVID-19.

Analysis of data collected between March 2020 and February 2021 from nearly 2 million Americans indicates that patients diagnosed with COVID-19 may be more likely to develop shingles within six months of diagnosis.

The observed effect was higher in patients with severe cases of COVID-19 and requiring hospitalization. People hospitalized with COVID-19 were 21% more likely to develop shingles.

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