GTA 5 Online celebrates Independence Day!

June 30 marked the day of weekly new features in the Online mode of Grand Theft Auto 5 with, as we told you, festivities in honor of Independence Day of the United States of America. Like every year, Rockstar Games filled up with fireworks for the players, but also with some special outfits and of course, two more vehicles to be won: at the Diamond Casino and at LS Auto.

Independence Day 2022 in GTA Online

This week Trade Wars will be pretty special in GTA Online. Indeed, not only do they bring triple rewards with 3x more GTA$ and 3x more RP, but you may also drop in the merchandise crates on the Pisswasser Beer Helmet, the Benedict Beer Helmet, the Patriot beer helmet, the Supa Wet beer helmet or the Statue of Hilarity t-shirt.

Only on PS5 and Xbox Series

Hao’s premium test vehicle: the Principe Deveste Eight

Hao’s Special Works offers vehicles so upgraded that even their original manufacturers would be amazed. The premium test vehicle of the week is an iridescent Principe Deveste Eight, which hides countless modifications under its bodywork covered in Chameleon paint.

Hao’s Special Works Time Trial: Rev your tuned engine between North Chumash and Palomino Highlands in HSW’s new time trial of the week.

GTA$ Bonuses and RP in GTA Online

Like every week, Rockstar Games allows you through different missions and modes to fill your pockets with GTA$ and RP often doubled, tripled, or even quadrupled.

This time, until July 6, Lester’s contact missions will allow you to walk away with 2x more GTA$ and 2x more RP. Otherwise, land races allow you to walk away with not double but triple GTA$ and RP. A little extra: a bonus of 200,000 GTA$ is planned for those who will complete the following races: Wilderness, At the end of the slush, Monster of the swamps and It’s the lake that it’s happening. Finally, Breakthrough Remix also features triple payouts through Group Jumps, Goal Jumps, A Coveted Package, and Break Through (Remix).

Reward vehicle of the week

Each week, a new vehicle is up for grabs for LS Auto members, and this time it’s the Classic Bravado Gauntlet. For this you must place in the top 5 of Street Racing Events for 3 days in a row.

Podium and promotions of the week

A new car is up for grabs at the Diamond Casino Resort and it’s about Dinka RT3000. To win it, try your luck by spinning the wheel of fortune, but be careful, you only have one try per day.

This week, several promotions in honor of Independence Day, with 50% discount on the following items:

  • Vapid Liberator
  • Horns
  • Musket
  • Pyrotechnic launcher
  • Fireworks
  • Tire smoke
  • Make-up and clothes
  • Grounds for Mobile Operations Center
  • Patterns for Mk II weapons
  • Haircuts
  • Masks

But also :

  • -40% on the Pegassi Ignus
  • -50% on the Pegassi Zentorno
  • -30% on the Pegassi Tempesta
  • -30% on the Buckingham tug
  • -30% on Mobile Operations Center

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