“GTA 6”: After ten years of waiting – the first trailer is here

“GTA 6”
After ten years of waiting – the first trailer is here

Rockstar has brought forward the planned release of the trailer.

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Start date, setting and protagonists: This is what the long-awaited trailer for “Grand Theft Auto 6” reveals.

After a leak put publisher Rockstar Games under pressure: The The first trailer for “Grand Theft Auto 6” is here, a few hours before the planned release date. Rockstar had actually given 9 a.m. Eastern Time this Tuesday as the release date, i.e. 3 p.m. Central European Time.

Fans celebrate “historic moment” – start date sobered

Fans of the successful open-world series had to wait ten years; the last part, “Grand Theft Auto 5,” was released in 2013. The hype is correspondingly great. After eight hours, over 46 million people have already seen the trailer on YouTube. In the comments there is repeated talk of a “historic moment” that takes supporters back to their youth.

The start date of “GTA 6”, which is shown at the end of the trailer, is likely to cause disillusionment. The game won’t be released until 2025. According to rumors, there was previously talk of autumn 2024.

Back to Vice City

The trailer takes us to Vice City. The fictional version of Miami was already the setting in “GTA Vice City”. After the 2002 predecessor took place in the 1980s, “GTA 6” is set in the present. The usual look of social media apps is shown excessively in the detailed teaser.

To the sounds of Tom Petty’s “Love Is a Long Road” we get lovingly crafted insights into everyday life and subculture in Vice City, while alligators get up to mischief.

The protagonists of “GTA 6”, as was previously known from a leak, are the couple Lucia and Jason. The Latina Lucia comes fresh out of prison and goes on a Bonnie and Clyde-style raid with her lover. Lucia is the first playable heroine since the first part of “Grand Theft Auto”.

Part six is ​​actually the eighth main game in the series and the 16th part overall. The name “GTA 6” only comes from the consecutive numbering after the last major title “Grand Theft Auto 5”.


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