GTA 6: After the game, the program should be great!

Finally ! Here’s some official news from Rockstar Games’ next installment, Grand Theft Auto 6, but be warned, they’re not super crazy either! For months now, we have all been waiting for concrete information to put in our mouths, but between the “one says” and the supposed leaks, it is difficult to believe so and so.

This time around, the latest details come straight from the star-studded firm’s parent company (via PCGamer), to know take twoand depending on the company, GTA 6 will set the bar high for creativity.

A grandiose after GTA 6?

If the development of GTA 6 was formalized last February by Rockstar Games, it would seem according to the CEO of Take-Two, namely Strauss Zelnick, that it is well advanced. According to the latter as part of the financial statement, the development of the game is still “on the right track“.

With development of the next installment in the Grand Theft Auto series well underway, the Rockstar Games team is determined to once again set creative benchmarks for the series, our industry and all entertainment, as the label has done. with each of its prominent releases.

Strauss Zelnick

We know this all too well, but GTA 6 should be quite memorable, and that’s an understatement. A few months ago, Rockstar announced that its primary goal was to “significantly exceed” his previous opuses, and among these there is obviously his mastodon which is none other than GTA 5. At present, the game released in 2013 is one of the best-selling titles in the world, alongside of course of Minecraft, and again according to the CEO of Take-Two, “the Rockstar Games team is once again committed to setting creative benchmarks for the series, for our industry, and for all entertainment“. Unfortunately, we will only have the right to his meager statements, but what should we understand? Is this a ruse to calm things down after the latest controversies that the game has aroused? Or just to calm the impatience of the players which is more and more felt?

Moreover, alongside this new statement, we are necessarily thinking of the latest report from Bloomberg, which is intended to be much less brilliant and optimistic. According to the latter, the developers had to review their initial plan, and thus agree to ultimately offer a game that will be much less ambitious than expected. However, we should enjoy gameplay with two playable characters, with a man and a woman through a duo reminiscent of the famous Bonnie and Clyde. However, at the time of writing, nothing has been formalized by the developers, and it’s starting to take a long time, we have to admit.

While the communication around GTA 6 is very very light, the leaks and rumors are obviously there to guide us a little. However, despite everything, it seems that a clue to the next opus from Rockstar Games is available, and has been for several years in GTA 5.

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