GTA 6: Fan detectives start working on the maps

Mapping would certainly be easier by plane. (Image Source: Rockstar North)

The massive leak of GTA 6: Vice City with a total of over 90 videos is a real gold mine for fans. Even if these are not finished scenes, the first fans have already started work and want to map the new GTA world. Tools like Google Earth and Microsoft Paint should not be missing.


GTA 6: Fans start with map to Vice City

After one of the biggest leaks in video game history for GTA 6: Vice City, it was only a matter of time before fans of the series made their own thing out of the treasure trove of data. It should be a map of Vice Citywhich could provide more clarity even before the game is released.

Just like with GTA V, when fans created a map of the LA counterpart Los Santos after the first trailer, real detective work should also help with the successor. Unlike GTA V, however, there is a big advantage because unbelievable amount of details about the city are already known from the leaks. Even coordinates can be seen here, which should make the work much easier.

On the other hand, the GTA detectives have it a little harder, because they can’t get past GTA 6: Vice City do not rely on finished material. The development of the game is ongoing and buildings and locations may change accordingly.

Some of the fans focus on google maps for the map, because Vice City – although imaginary – is based on the city of Miami. Some real sights will also be visible in the game, although perhaps not in the usual form. Microsoft Paint can also help to close some gaps in the leaks.

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GTA 6: when will the fan card appear?

When the GTA 6: Vice City map released cannot be said at this time. The work takes place in GTA forums, partly also in private Discord channels (source: Kotaku).

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