GTA 6: New leak shows how incredibly expensive the development is

Developer Rockstar Games is spending a record amount on Grand Theft Auto 6. (Image Source: Rockstar Games)

Probably the biggest leak in video game history still has repercussions. Messages from the alleged hacker have now surfaced, revealing exactly how long Grand Theft Auto 6 has been in development and how much money Rockstar Games has already invested.


GTA 6 is already incredibly expensive

The revelations about Grand Theft Auto 6 don’t stop. After a hacker stole early gameplay and released it, we also now know how long Rockstar has been working on the game. According to chat messages from the alleged hacker, development is said to have started in 2014 and swallowed more than 2 billion US dollars (Source: Twitter).

The information comes from a conversation in which the alleged hacker tried to resell the data obtained. In the meantime a suspect was also arrested, who is said to be behind the Rockstar hack. It is probably a 17-year-old from Great Britain (source: BBC).

Hacked or not. GTA 6 must not repeat these mistakes under any circumstances:

Rockstar spares no expense or effort for GTA 6

Compared to other blockbusters of recent years, GTA 6 would already be one of the most expensive games of all time. Red Dead Redemption 2, the last major Rockstar release, has cost an estimated US$540 million (Source: Venturebeat). The direct predecessor wasn’t exactly cheap either. Analysts assume that GTA 5 cost a total of 265 million US dollars (source: International Business Times).

Grand Theft Auto 6 would be many times more expensive. The final budget is likely to be much higher. After all, development is not over yet. Rockstar has not revealed an official release date. But there are rumors that GTA 6 could appear in 2025. There are also marketing costs involved. For a game as big as Grand Theft Auto 6, these should also be huge.

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