GTA 6: Rockstar reveals when the first trailer will appear


Everyone is waiting for GTA 6 and Rockstar Games has finally revealed when the first trailer for the game will be released. You’ll have to be patient for that long.

Rockstar Games wants to show the first trailer soon. (Source: Rockstar Games)

The reveal of GTA 6 had been indicated several times for the end of 2023. Insiders like Tom Henderson and other industry insiders had speculated about an announcement this year and that’s what happened.

The founder of Rockstar Games, Sam Houser, addressed the public in a statement and commented on the upcoming game.

The trailer will be released at the beginning of December

In early December 2023, Rockstar Games will show the first trailer for the new Grand Theft Auto, says Houser. The company is still avoiding confirming the name “GTA 6”, even though the entire gaming world assumes that the title will be called that.

That’s Sam Houser’s statement

“Next month we’ll be celebrating Rockstar Games’ 25th anniversary. Thanks to the incredible support of our players around the world, we have the opportunity to create games that we truly care about. Without you, none of this would be possible possible. We are extremely grateful to all of you for joining us on this journey.”

“In 1998, Rockstar Games was founded with the idea that video games should become as culturally fundamental as any other form of entertainment. We seek to be part of that evolution and hope that in this endeavor we have created games that you love. ”

“We are very happy to announce that we will be releasing the first trailer for the next Grand Theft Auto in early December. We look forward to many more years of sharing these experiences with you. Thank you!”, says Sam Houser in the message to fans.

Forecast for the trailer date

It is therefore very likely that you will see the first trailer for GTA 6 sometime between December 1st and 8th – probably between December 4th and 8th. We will of course report on it when the video appears.

On the social network “X” (formerly Twitter), Houser’s statement about GTA is showered with thousands of likes. The fans are beside themselves with joy. Elsewhere we have put together the best memes about the GTA 6 announcement for you.

The game is expected to be released between 2024 and 2025, as Take-Two has published a significant sales forecast for the 2025 fiscal year.

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