GTA VI: The hacker responsible for the leaks wanted by the FBI – Grand Theft Auto VI

The leak of so much information for a major game such as GTA VI clearly did not go unnoticed. Whether with the public, but also with the rest of the industry. Several actors have not hidden their support for their counterparts at Rockstar since the publication of the leaks and the press release from the studio, formalizing the situation. A case that has not escaped the attention of the FBI either, which is actively looking for the culprit in cooperation with Rockstar.

In addition, the hacker did not just disclose the information in question, but also to ransom the studio by threatening to reveal even more. Moreover, it would seem, according to his own words, that it is the same person who allegedly attacked Uber a few days earlier.

In a recent statement, the transport company specified that a certain group of hackers was potentially responsible. Several indicators point to the group of hackers Lapsus$ and more precisely one of its members, known under the pseudonym of “White”, supposedly 16 years old living in Oxford.

The British police had already arrested the young man for acts of hacking concerning large companies such as Microsoft, NVIDIA or Samsung. However, he was released at the time.

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