Gua Sha – a beauty ritual like no other


In this article, we give you all the secrets of this treatment to be carried out quietly at home. Origin, material, benefits and instructions: after reading this, you will know everything about Gua Sha.

Since the democratization of alternative medicine and holistic cosmetic care in the Western world, we are seeing multiple new ways to take care of your skin – and the Gua Sha is one of them. From the traditional chinese medicine, this technique has managed to cross borders thanks to the many virtues which are attributed to it. Increasingly trendy, the Gua Sha seduces and the art of making new followers. Have you ever heard of this beauty treatment extraordinary ? Here we tell you all about him!

Gua Sha, what is it?

Although we see it in a new light – as if it were an innovative technique – the Gua Sha has been known and practiced for millennia on Chinese territory. Gua to "scratch" Sha for "disease" – as the name suggests – this treatment consists of scrape the skin using a smooth object. If we stick to tradition, a cow horn spatula would do the trick. On the other side of the world, the primary purpose of Gua Sha is the elimination of toxins and bad waves, a technique that is practiced on the whole body – not on a particular area. With us, although the principle remains the same, things are somewhat different: now discover the Gua Sha western style.


Westernized Gua Sha

Many brands and beauty salons have taken over the Gua Sha and although the name of this treatment has not been changed, we no longer speak here of "scratching" but indeed of " massage – a particularly important nuance. Other significant differences: the tool used is nothing more than a smooth and flat stone and most of the time, the technique is no longer practiced on the whole body but centralized on the skin of the face and neck that we will therefore come to massage gently and carefully. Finally, with us, the Gua Sha is not like medical treatment but is more focused on beauty – through it, we no longer fight against diseases, but rather against bad looks, wrinkles and puffiness. A practice thus reinvented, but an efficiency never questioned.

The virtues of stones used to practice Gua Sha

We were talking about a tool made of soft stone, know that it is most often carved from jade or from rose quartz. In the form of a roll or simply polished and smoothed so as to hold well in hand, these soft stones are in themselves real little treasures, known and recognized since always for their innumerable virtues.
Symbol of purity and serenity, the jade is excellent healing stone for the skin. Smoothing and detoxifying, it has all the assets to become the ally of your daily beauty routine. About the rose quartz, its anti-aging properties have made it famous for millennia and the list of its benefits is just as long. Healing and soothing, it firms the skin and fights – among other things – against aging and sagging skin.
Choose between these two stones according to the needs of your skin, in any case, you can be sure that they will both make you happy through their thousand and one properties.

The benefits of Gua Sha massage

A powerful and effective facial treatment can only stick to the use of a single miracle product and rather boils down toassociation of several uses – Chinese medicine is the proof. The effectiveness of Gua Sha, for example, does not lie only in the use of these virtuous stones which are the jade and rose quartz – but also in massages lavished during this treatment. It is well known: the simple fact of massaging or being massaged stimulates blood circulation, tones the skin (here of the face and neck), fights against sagging skin, deeply stimulates collagen, drains toxins, refines the skin texture… Facial massage therefore already has many properties which are increased tenfold by its association with jade or quartz – stones themselves sources of benefits. Therein lies the principle of Gua Sha.

The effects of Gua Sha on your skin

After a few sessions of Gua Sha, you will quickly notice the difference. Brighter, smoother, more radiant, firmer skin, stimulated circulation, reduced wrinkles and fine lines, reduced dark circles, refined pores and an illuminated complexion … You can't imagine all that Gua Sha can bring to your skin, face and neck. Even with serious skin problems – like acne or rosacea, for example – you can benefit from the benefits of this treatment and notice improvements. Add the Gua Sha to your beauty routine can only be a very good idea. Your skin will say thank you! Here are a few tips that will help you adopt it quickly and in the best way:

Gua Sha – instructions for use

What should definitely convince you to practice Gua Sha, these are not only all its properties, but also its great ease of application. Now discover all the tricks of this very simple routine, for a homemade skincare ritual up to all your expectations:

  • It all starts with the preparation of your skin, first of all: make sure that it is perfectly cleansed and cleansed.
  • Then apply a few drops of oil or serum on your face, this will allow the stone to slide better on your skin, without hanging.
  • Now start by massaging by sliding the stone from the top of your neck to your ears.
  • Repeat the process starting this time from your chin, then from above your lips and your nostrils. Always keep this same gesture going back.
  • Then massage the dark circles and bags under your eyes starting from the inner corner of your eye before stretching to your temple.
  • Then dwell on your brow bone, starting from the inside to the outside. Then massage your forehead from the top of your nose to the root of your hair.
  • Now slide the stone over the entire contour of your face, from the neck to your forehead.

Repeat each of these steps approximately 5 times and treat one side of your face first before sculpting the other for optimal results. You can achieve this facial daily during 3 to 5 minutes.

Little tip: for an even more decongestant, invigorating and stimulating effect for blood circulation, you will only have to place your stone in the refrigerator a few minutes before each use. For an even more relaxing effect, this time, immerse your jade or your rose quartz in hot water to warm it up for maximum relaxation.

Gua Sha – an exceptional beauty ritual, but not only!

In addition to all the benefits that this massage facial lavish on the skin of your face, know that the Gua Sha also promises you real moment of rest and relaxation. Calm and meditative, once incorporated into your beauty routine, this time of day will quickly seem like a special moment to spend with yourself. In a few minutes, the Gua Sha massage will immerse you in a state of serenity that you can only appreciate and that will inevitably also contribute to the radiance of your face.

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So what are you waiting for to try the Gua Sha massage on your face? We can't wait to hear your opinion!

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