Guest performance: – Toihaus Theater shows production in Spain

There is no Corona break for parts of the Toihaus Theater Ensemble. With the children’s production “Ton in Ton”, the Salzburg theater is a guest at the Spanish Haziaraba Festival. Both performances, which will be played near Bilbao next Sunday, are already sold out, according to the theater.

The unexpected often happens – the motto must have been similar to the past few days at the Salzburg Toihaus Theater. At short notice, the theater received a request for a guest performance from the Teatro Paraiso in Vitoria, Spain, almost 2000 kilometers away, near Bilbao. “Due to the lockdown in Austria, the Toihaus has the capacity to postpone the guest performance,” announced the theater. 15 performances are canceled in this country until December 12th, which makes them all the more grateful for the offer from Spain. “It is a welcome opportunity to give the artists a chance to perform in spite of the lockdown.” Business trips are still allowed in compliance with the locally applicable Corona regulations. The guest performance is organized by the international theater and research network “Mapping”. Both the Haziaraba Festival and the Toihaus Theater are part of Mapping. This network particularly supports productions for small children across Europe. With the dance and live music piece “Ton in Ton”, the Toihaus Ensemble is now also looking for musical clues abroad for tones, sounds and melodies.
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