Guido Maria Kretschmer reveals the trends for autumn

Pattern mix, statement sleeves and bright colors: the fashion autumn 2020 will be extravagant! We met Guido Maria Kretschmer for an interview as part of his brand new collection "Guido Maria Kretschmer for ABOUT YOU". On this occasion we were able to elicit from him which trends will be big this autumn.

While we are still mentally on vacation and longing for the next opportunity to wear our summer dresses, the fashion world is already a little further ahead: For them everything revolves around what we will wear this winter. Thanks to star designer Guido Maria Kretschmer, we already know which trends are worth investing in. The best: we already have some must-haves in our wardrobes!

Back to the classics

They do exist, these wardrobe classics that have been with us for a lifetime. Even if we might forget them for one season or another, we will eventually bring them out again and fall in love with them all over again. It is worth investing in such a miracle, Guido Maria Kretschmer agrees. His favorite it-piece: the coat.

Coats have been a bit lost in recent years: you only wore windbreakers and quilted coats. Now great, high-quality wool coats are coming back that keep you warm and very nicely trace the looks. They go with everything: with narrow pants and skirts with boots. Fur collars are away from the window – thank God!

Fashion journalist and influencer Annette Weber knows about the power of a good coat. Guido would surely like her look too.

Extravagant shapes

Voluminous puffy sleeves – that is, big statement sleeves – we already loved dearly this summer! Good news: Eye-catching tops with puff sleeves are still very much in vogue. According to Guido, it will be even bigger and more noticeable this fall.

This autumn and winter a new era of shapes and colors has dawned. Statement sleeves, for example, remain an issue. There are also flounces, ruffles and large collars. It all works wonderfully under great sweaters – light layering is the keyword.

Fashion favorite Nina Schwichtenberg shows how we should wear the statement pieces this autumn. The combination of statement blouse, overall and silk scarf not only looks stylish, but also shows what Guido means by light layering.

It will be colorful

Guido Maria Kretschmer knows: When it comes to colors, too, things are going to be colorful and extravagant – very different from this spring and summer, when we tend to focus on soft monochrome looks. They remain current, but the courage to use bright shades is allowed.

Red and green are very popular – especially when it comes to shoes or good knitwear. Pattern mix will also be an issue. The main focus here is on large, graphic patterns such as houndstooth.

The Austrian blogger Karin Teigl is already a fan of knitwear in Guido's trend colors red and green. She can definitely wear this cardigan in autumn too.

From Kate Gelinsky we look at how we style the trend pattern houndstooth. Like Kate, all fashion bold go for the all-over look. But even just one eye-catching part can enhance our outfit and make it something special.

Guido's tip:

One thing is clear: we always oversize. This trend is not disappearing from the fashion radar either, but the star designer advises:

Have the courage to show yourselves. Women shouldn't always cover themselves with long blazers, wide and long blouses. Emphasize your shapes with belts – they will return from oblivion this winter.

Designer Sue Giers shows what this can look like. She combines a wide statement belt with a loose blouse and flowing skirt that emphasizes her waist. A look that we can very well imagine with boots in autumn!

Hach Guido: At least now you have awakened our anticipation for autumn! And best of all: on August 14th, the woman who understands women launched his "Guido Maria Kretschmer exclusive for ABOUT YOU" collection, which is divided into a GMK Collection and a GMK Curvy Collection with around 55 items each. From jeans to coats to elegant evening gowns, everything that makes our fashion heart beat faster is included. We're sure to find a missing it-piece that makes us ready for autumn. So what are we waiting for?