Guido Maria Kretschmer: The designer’s father passed away

“Shopping Queen” star Guido Maria Kretschmer (58) has suffered a great loss: his father Erich died at the age of 87. The designer released an emotional Instagram post on Sunday.

“Spread His Wings”

The designer wrote on his Instagram page: “Last week my beloved father spread his wings and left us…” He also published a black and white picture showing him with his father. He posted heartfelt words: “My father was full of love, good nature and warmth. He always showed me that everything is possible and that if you are decent and loving, you can be very happy in life. All I am, I am because of him for cultivating the good in me. I will miss you so much dad.”

The Burial should according to “image” already taken place – on Saturday with the closest family and friends in Kretschmer’s home community near Warendorf in Westphalia. In interviews, the designer repeatedly emphasized how much his father and mother Marianne (85) supported him. He grew up very sheltered and his parents were among the most important people in his life. They are always very tolerant and have accepted their partner Frank Mutters (68) from the start.

Kretschmer’s famous friends send their condolences

Under the mourning post, more than 1000 comments were collected within 30 minutes, including from prominent companions.

Moderator Frauke Ludowig (59) wrote: “I got to know your father! Your parents gave you the best values ​​along the way.” Actress Simone Thomalla (58) commented: “Feel hugged.” Actress Anna Wolfers (44) sent: “My condolences and a lot of strength.” Singer Jay Khan (41) said: “My heartfelt condolences dear Guido – you can be sure that he is fine where he is now.” And moderator Jennifer Knäble (43) wrote these words: “We are thinking of you, dearest Guido! Feel very tight.”


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